Sunday, June 14, 2009

Is it only Monday??

I did not sleep well last night. Well, I slept..but you know, it was the kind of sleep where there were a lot of things buzzing through my mind. I guess, after a week off work, i got kind of frantic thinking of the awfully chaotic week that's about to start!

Back to happy thoughts.

Took a week off last week. Tried to switch off the blackberry but kept receiving smses from the office to "please advice/ please review / please respond" sigh...I have really sold my soul to the devil haven't I? Oh well, cari makan macam tu lahh.

And back to happy thoughts.

As usual we did not have any plans for the school holidays. Hang Tuah as usual non-committal every time I asked (since like 3 months ago) as to what we'd do for the school holidays. He would either avoid answering or answer half way and then quickly change topic..and as of Monday last week still no clue. So I took it that we wouldn't have any plans.

Nasar and I drew up a schedule of stuff that we'd do which was basically, 1) swimming every day 2) going to the zoo which is just down the road 3) going to petrosains 4) going to the movies 5) going to mak tok's 6) picnic-ing at Morib (MORIB okkkk) just so that he could have a place with enough wind to fly this kite his atok bought for him the week before to fly at Morib too 7) go makan at any place he chooses to (amboi - blank cheque ke apa??)

I was already at the verge of merajuk-ing with Hang Tuah sebab at least he could've taken a day off to go to Morib with us kan?? I think he felt the heat, sebab on Tuesday afternoon while we were lazing at home and after he saw that I bought a PSP for MYSELF to entertain MYSELF, he said - Jom pi SIngapore besok!!! Yahoooo!

So off we were to Singapore. It's amazing how each time we go to Singapore I feel like we are in a land far-far away from Malaysia. The air is different, the landscape is different, the trees are greener. Macam biasa, we went to the Zoo and Sentosa Island. It was fun this time because suddenly Nasri wanted to try out the Luge at Sentosa and even went on the snow sled/tube thing at Snow City. He also tried loads of stuff at the Science Center, which was great! It was fun seeing him have fun and seeing the boys having fun together. Didn't do much shopping cos we were too tired to walk down Orchard after two full days out in the sun plus duit dah habis beli PSP and sebagainya masa merajuk dengan Hang Tuah kan?? But the sales looked pretty good. Ohh, Shasha was left with the MakTok sebab tak muat kereta! Looks like we'll have to get an MPV soon!

Friday balik and ada la pulak sedara mara datang and tidor rumah. So it was masak memasak galore - asam pedas ikan baung, kijang with black pepper and ginger, masak lomak ayam etc..etc.. Penat, but happy.

So, today is Monday, no more happy thoughts. One Board Meeting coming up, a couple of presentations tomorrow and the normal hustle and bustle of stuff that work just is. Sighh..bila lah boleh jadi tai-tai and lepak rumah, pergi spa and overhaul badan (that's Hang Tuah's word for "pergi slimming" ok - tapi dia tak nak bayar. Now, is that fair????).


  1. dena, at least ada juga holiday/ Hang Jebat yang kat rumah ni langsung tak bergerak kat mana. Tapi dia memang suruh mak teh balik...dok tunggu habis kerja sikit lagi. am really suffering from hayfever and sound so much like Dang Sengau.

  2. Hi Dena & mak teh,
    Guess its Dang Sengau and Sang Garuk all around...brought back a nasty bout of cold and batuk from a/ Syajie has 'sakit nose'
    Glad you had some time off, Dena...can't wait till U come back, mak teh, I'm sure there'll be lots to look forward to next month.

  3. Mak Tehh - that Hang Jebat is only looking out for you. Knowing how bad your hay fever is, it's better to stay indoors!! A trip back to KL would do the trick tho.. Balik lahhhh..makan ketam jom?

    Kak Oli - yaaa..I have a Dang Leleh (hinguih meleleh) kat rumah. Shasha has been having the sniffles, and the haze is not helping! She can gang up with Syajie sakit nose..poor baby! By the way, Mak Teh balik next month kaa???? Yahoooo! PRezzies from Londra!

  4. Adoi, bila Dang Sengau baca about prezzies, terus jadi Dang Mengah or Dang Semput!

  5. hehe...jangan jadi Dang Coma sudah! Anyway..looking forward to seeing u sooooon then!

  6. Hi Dena,

    You definitely inspire me with my thoughts! Hahahaha!

    Enjoyed your postings and the lil stories you have here!

    Salam perkenalan :)